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How to purchase the  Book

The road show is over and there are few books left.

​Basically its postage only .

  • There are limited numbers of books available in Greymouth and Christchurch. To access these you need to contact me  first.

  • Paypal has now been locked out so I dont over sell. electronic bank transfer or cash directly to me.

  • When you pay you need to clearly send your name and  postage address

           Cost of Purchase


Face to Face Cash .                $120 NZD

                                                 $ 110 AUD

Option 2

Electronic Direct Credit into Australian  Bank                    $125 AUD } Both Postage Inclusive

Electronic Direct credit into NZ Bank account(22ndAug)     $130 NZD+ $5 Rural delivery

If you ordered a book in Australia you can now contact me for payment.

Sorry No further orders are will be taken in Australia .All available books have beem ordered.


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